The World Games 2022

Birmingham, Alabama,

07 Jul
17 Jul 2022

Drone racing

Drone Racing is a test of a pilot’s ability to beat other competitors by racing around a specially built course, often flying through gates and around obstacles to reach the finish line in the fastest time. Speedy, exciting, and highly skilled: it’s one of the fastest growing air sports in the world today. The drones used in Drone Racing competitions are generally built by the pilots themselves, and are designed for speed and agility. Radio-controlled, and with engines powered by electric batteries, they can often travel at speeds of more than 100 mph – meaning pilots need lightning fast reactions to fly them. 


To win the Drone Racing event at the World Games 2022, you must first be one of the 32 pilots selected to take part.

Once at the event, which will take place between 7 and 11 July, 2022, with the Drone racing competition days scheduled for the 9 and 10 July, you must then finish first or second in each elimination round to go through to the next stage - although pilots who are eliminated in the qualification phase will also have a second chance to make it into the final by racing the other eliminated pilots and finishing first or second of this group.

Once the field has been whittled down to the top four pilots, you must then finish in first place in the final to be crowned the 2022 World Games Drone Racing champion.  


This event will include 32 competitors who will race four at a time, with the first two pilots going through to the next round. The competition format is as follows:

  • 32 athletes (22 men and 10 women)
  • Mixed (men and women) event with a unique classification
  • FAI F9U class rules applied, with 32 pilots for the elimination stage and a double elimination optional sequence


Drone Racing is a young air sport, but one that is growing incredibly fast. In just a few short years, the burgeoning popularity of the sport has taken it from the very first amateur competitions to huge, televised events. And today, the drone sports community spans the globe, attracting a huge following among e-sports fans who follow Drone Racing online. The technology used in Drone Racing has also developed, opening the door to different types of drone sports such as combats and team-based events.