Accuracy Judges

A team of five Judges is required for Category 1 Paragliding Accuracy Championships, and at least four for 2nd Category events.  The Judges are key to determining each pilot’s performance by observing, measuring and recording a score.  

In addition, Paragliding Accuracy Records & Badges can only be achieved through performances recorded by CIVL-approved Chief or Event Judges operating at FAI Sanctioned competitions.  

The positions of Chief Judge and Event Judge require training and experience, typically at Category 2 events, prior to judging at a 1st Category event.  The Target Judge team will consist of at least another three members. The judging team at Category 2 events should include judges from at least two nations.  Category 1 Championships must include Judges from 3 nations, with the Chief and Event Judges from different nations.

The Judges will observe all pilot landings noting the first point of ground contact of the Competitor.  An electronic scoring device (pad) typically scores from the Dead Centre (DC) out to 15cm.  The judges measure scores beyond this, out to 5 or 10m.  

More about Judges responsibilities is found in Section 7C of the Sporting Code.

Training at all levels is available on a regular basis each year, often to coincide with major events.  Training and qualified judges should make sure they maintain a Judging Log Book, signed by the Chief/Event Judge for each entry.  Contact the Committee Chairman for dates and venues of training seminars, or a Chief or Event Judge in your country (see list).

The list below will help Organisers seeking CIVL-appointed, qualified international Chief or Event Judges for their events.  The list will be updated on a regular basis. Contact the Committee Chair for amendments to the list, or to find a Chief/Event Judge from a nation not listed.

List of judges link (you can find it in CIVL documents as well)