01 Mar 2024

CIVL Plenary 2024 took place in Mungyeong, Korea

The annual meeting of the FAI Hang Gliding and Paragliding Commission (CIVL) took place in Mungyeong, South Korea on February 26-29, 2024. 16 delegates holding 14 proxies participated in the meeting. They were greeted by Mr Markus Haggeney - the FAI Secretary General, Mr Park Chan Duk - the President of South Korea NAC and Mr Gin Seok Song - the President of the Korean Paragliding Association KPGA, which hosted the meeting.

The attendees went through 95 items of the agenda both during Open meetings and Plenary sessions. Some of the proposals were amended. 13 proposals were withdrawn by their authors. The minutes of the meetings will be published soon and you will be informed of the voting on this or that proposal.

Some heads-up:

  • CIVL establishes a new discipline -  Paragliding Hike and Fly. The organizers are welcome to set up their events on civlcomps.org, FAI 2 application will be open soon.
  • PG XC Worlds - no split into teams and individuals all the same but more female pilots to be let in
  • Stewards will have certain executive power
  • PG XC WPRS max number of pilots parameter will be adjusted.
  • PG Sport class will get a ranking,
  • Maternity leave for female pilots
  • Numerous changes to S7B PG Aerobatics 
  • Numerous changes to S7C PGA 
  • Working groups on events devaluation curve and ranking of league events will be created


The following FAI 1 events were voted and awarded:

2024 - Paragliding Aerobatics World Championships in Turkey

2026 - Pan-American Paragliding Championships in USA

2026 - Asian-Oceanic Paragliding Championships in Kazakhstan

2026 - European Paragliding Championships in North Macedonia

2026 - European Paragliding Accuracy Championships in Romania

2026 - Asian Paragliding Accuracy Championships in Thailand

2026 - Pan-American Paragliding Accuracy Championships in Chile

2026 -  European Hang Gliding Class 1 Championships in France

The plenary has also approved the letter of intent to organize PG XC Junior Worlds 2026 back-to-back with Europeans. The Bureau is tasked to set the criteria upon completion of the 1st Junior Worlds in 2024.



  • Hang gliding and Paragliding Diploma was given to Sandor Kaszás (Hungary)
  • Pepe Lopes Medal to Mario Maspero, Guglielmo La Rocca, Guido Baruffini, Antonio Legranzini, Marco Lietti (Italy)
  • Airsports Medals to Ivan Lukanov (North Macedonia) and Sotir Lazarkov (Bulgaria).

UPD: The agenda and Minutes of the Plenary are now published in CIVL Documents